Six Steps For Negotiation Preparation

The most commonly overlooked aspect of negotiation is preparation. We say things like, “We’re just in the negotiation stage of the deal …” There is no more profitable expenditure of time than the time spent preparing to negotiate. Here’s your checklist:

  1. Know what you want and don’t want … Most of us have a general idea of what we want or want to avoid in a deal. Unfortunately, general objectives tend to render general results … leading to second guessing and dissatisfaction. Instead, write a paragraph describing in detail what you want and don’t want from the transaction, then, edit this description furiously until it is laser focused and precise. When we are crystal clear on our objective(s) and rationale(s) for their acquisition, we are most likely to achieve desired results.
  2. Know what your counterpart wants and doesn’t want … Now do the same for your counterpart. Write the description of what your opposite is looking for and seeking to avoid. This exercise tends to be a real stumper … and eventually a real eye-opener. Knowing our counterpart’s goals, objectives, and sought after results helps us see commonalities that lead to creative solutions.
  3. Know what concessions you are willing to give … What must you absolutely achieve to consummate a successful bargain? What terms, conditions, extras could you live without? Every great negotiator knows there must be give and take on both sides for agreements that make sense.
  4. Know your alternatives … Remember when you bought your first car? Mine was a 1956 T-Bird. The ,guy I bought mine from told me, “I like you and want to sell you the car … but there’s another person coming over in 30 minutes who also wants the car.” Wow, did the dynamics of the negotiation shift on the spot. Having an alternative vendor or supplier really helps your level of confidence.
  5. Know your counterpart and your subject matter … A lot of information is available to us on personality styles, body language, and neuro-linguistic programming. Remember transactions take place between people … and people view the same facts and appeals differently. Subject matter is simple … Know it cold-there is no excuse for being ill informed … and lost credibility is rarely recovered.
  6. Rehearse You know how to get to Carnegie Hall! It’s the same road to negotiation success – Practice – Practice -Practice! Attend swap meets and flea markets … They are wonderful opportunities to sharpen your skills. Remember use it or lose it!

Most negotiators rarely, if ever, thoroughly prepare to negotiate. But this is the magic! Try this checklist before you negotiate … Your returns will improve dramatically.


5 Traps to Avoid in Preparing for Negotiations

The most irksome, nasty, peevish, and stingy negotiator in creation resides between your two ears.

It’s you, and of course, it’s me, too.

We are our own worst enemies in a negotiation because we fall into five traps:

(1) We remain in our own heads instead of seeing the world from our counterpart’s viewpoint. As I demonstrate in the “Best Practices in Negotiation” class I teach at U.C. Berkeley extension and elsewhere, ferreting out the other party’s options and opinions pays off, nicely.

(2) We fail to set goals before entering a negotiation. Fred had his eye on a new grand piano, and after doing his research he boiled his choices down to two: a Suzuki and a Yamaha. He called and visited lots of Yamaha dealers but they were hesitant to discount the model he wanted. The Suzuki, reportedly a fine instrument as well, wasn’t in the same class, but Fred was willing to settle for it, mostly because it priced out twenty percent less than its rival. Still not convinced he wanted the Suzuki, Fred happened upon a one-day sale of Yamaha’s at Costco, and noting the price was discounted by about two thousand dollars from what he had seen at dealers, instantly, he bought the model he wanted.

What does this have to do with negotiation? Fred got them to throw in free delivery and set-up, but apart from that, he simply accepted the price as offered. Still, he negotiated with HIMSELF the terms he wanted most. He wanted a Yamaha at a slightly higher price than a Suzuki, and when he found that deal, exactly, he grabbed it. He had already established their relative values, but more significantly, he had determined their respective values to him. Some retail prices, i.e. “sale” prices, are great and being prepared to snatch them when they come along is what smart negotiators do.

(3) We’re impatient. Instead of starting with the presumption that “No deal is better than a bad one,” we endorse the concept that “Some deal is better than none.” Be willing to walk away, and establish what your walk-away price is, in advance.

(4) We dislike negotiating, believing it is “beneath us.” That is a prescription for failure, because in many cultures negotiating is promoted and perfectly normal, and in some it appears insulting to NOT be willing to bargain, at least a little.

(5) We endow other people’s prices as fair, objective and scientifically derived. Pricing is more of an art than a science and most pricing errs on the side of packing in too much profit, instead of too little. So, there’s “water” in most prices and our job as smart negotiators is to flush it out.

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Advantage of Hire Packers And Movers For Moving Goods

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What are the advantages that you can expect from the packers and movers?

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Safety and efficiency with packing and moving
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What are the ways by which you can hire the movers?

There are plenty of movers in the city, and it is a tough task to determine who will be perfect for your services. So you will have to consider certain metrics.

Analysis of belongings
Whenever it comes to hiring the teams, figure out the goods that you want to move. Based on this decision, you can analyze the capabilities of the different packers and movers Hyderabad teams, and then you can hire professional help based on that. Sometimes the important papers, files, documents require personal attention, and you have to see that the movers have excellent knowledge regarding moving these items.

Making a budget
Making a budget is essential whenever it comes to choosing the shifting service. Some providers will charge you a lot, while others can give you the reasonable quotes available with these services.

Transport of bulk items
Not all Packers and Movers are apt at transporting the bulk items. So if you want to save time while taking care of the subscriptions, transferring the bank accounts, and doing the needful activities, you can hire a professional team of experts who can do the moving service for you.

Transport facilities
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Final words

When you are sure about the packers and movers Hyderabad experts who can take care of your goods while offering you the packing and moving services, you can rest assured that moving to the new location will be a blissful time. Just get the complete solution from the packaging to the transportation, delivery, and rearranging with a team of experts who have years of experience.