Living in the Present – How to Release the Past

We teach what we most need to learn, and what we teach best, we end up learning well. This subject is not an exception. The present is the best place and time to live, whatever the circumstance, and I can tell you why: The most basic explanation I can give is that the past is spent, and the future is a promissory note. The most complex and interesting explanation I can give is as follows: About a day ago, I was complaining to my girlfriend Diane and my Mother about life, the past and the future both ways, good and bad of it all, and then partially through their prodding and through my own realization, I realized there is not any better time to do anything about anything than now. Also, I was watching the old “Mowtown 25″ special from the year 1983 on Public Broadcasting Station KOCE, Orange County, California on TV, and realizing that the past means nothing except for the dishonestly worked out psychological effects it has on unconscious people. Conscious people live in the present and make it always work for them honestly and then they have good pasts and future times from that present that they can make genuinely work for themselves.

Indeed, living in the concrete past or dreaming too much of the future without total “cold”, logical consideration and sober understanding of the present is a genuine weakness and should be shunned totally for the weakness it is.

On that note: Reality is what we genuinely and succinctly do with now, anyhow. It is said that consciousness is fully living in the present? That is the reality of the situation without question. Doing what we need and want to do (in that order) in the present is what we signed up for. Thus, we must live here and now to the best of our ability had we not? Yes.

Fear is living in the past and future that genuinely has not happened yet. Real courage is making the best of the now without guilt for the past, or trying to second guess the future. In short, make the now work for you and past memory and future reality will be made good and great.

What is important is that I know the present. The past and future are things I neither fear nor regret, bad or good, I have paid for it or have benefitted from it, and I move on with my life now. That is all. There are not any good or bad old days, or an unknown future. The now is just what we make out of it.

8 Simple Ways To Screw Up A Presentation

Delivering a really effective presentation is often as much about avoiding the “wrong” things as it is about doing the “right” things.

I still see even experienced speakers and presenters doing basic things which undermine their impact and their credibility. In fact, they do things which make them look like complete amateurs.

Here are just a few of the ways in which you can easily mess up your next presentation.

  1. Don’t bother to arrive early to check the room layout, the materials, the sound system, the slide projector. Just assume these things will be where you want them when you need them and that you won’t need any time to practise with them.
  2. Spend a good chunk of time at the start of the presentation talking about yourself, explaining who you are, what you do, why you’re qualified to talk about this subject. Don’t forget to add how pleased you are to be there. Your audience will love all this, they’re fascinated to learn more about you.
  3. Alternatively, go for the “I’m sorry for everything” opening. Tell people how little time you had to prepare the talk, how surprised you are to have been asked, how it’s not really your field, how sorry you are about the fact that it will probably be a bit dull or disorganised. This is always easier than actually doing the work to prepare it properly and audiences will respect your honesty.
  4. Assume that everyone in the room knows exactly what you’re going to talk about and why it matters to them. After all, they are there, aren’t they? No need to explain what they will learn or what value it will have for them, just crack on with all that great content and don’t worry about engaging them or motivating them to listen.
  5. Don’t keep an eye on the time, just keep going until someone tells you they’re closing the building, then rush through all the material you haven’t covered. If people are interested enough, they’ll make the effort to keep up and they certainly won’t mind if they have to stay half an hour longer than they expected.
  6. Prepare lots of slides with nothing but bullet points (and give them to people as handouts before you start so they can read them as well). Everyone loves bullet points and they show just how much effort you’ve put into preparing the talk.
  7. Leave your slides up even after you’ve finished talking about them and moved onto another point. It will help people to remember what you said a few minutes ago and no-one will get confused unless they’re really poor at multi-tasking, in which case it’s their own fault.
  8. Choose a really lame ending for your presentation, such as,”That’s about it, then” or,”Well, that’s me finished”. Or, of course, you can go with the timeless classic, “So, any questions?” That’s always popular. Whatever you do, don’t repeat your key message (assuming you had one), let people work it out for themselves – why should you do all the work?

MLM Internet Network Marketing – 3 Benefits of Taking Your Network Marketing Business Online

Have you ever heard of the term MLM Internet network marketing? This term signifies the combination of taking a network marketing business and utilizing the Internet as a way to promote it. There are many people who are still doing network marketing off-line and that is fine but a lot of people are missing out on the powerful methods that you can utilize on the Internet. There are 3 key benefits of taking your business online and I will be identifying them so you can understand the power of the Internet.

#1. No More Face To Face Rejection

By taking your business on the Internet you’re not going to have to deal with face-to-face rejection anymore. When you do your business off-line you’re going to have to promote it to other people and many of them may say no in your face and this is very hard to deal with. Only those people with a thick skin can surpass this and be successful. But on the Internet if somebody doesn’t like your business they simply just close the website and they don’t have to personally tell you no.

#2. Bigger Market To Promote To

The Internet offers a bigger market to promote to because you’re going to be able to promote worldwide instead of just locally. This is very powerful because you will be exposed to a lot more people than you would be off-line going from door to door. There are going to be many methods that you can use on the Internet but remember you have the time to learn so make sure you do things at your own pace.

#3. Do It From The Convenience Of Your Home

You will be able to do your business from the convenience of your home or private office. This means that you do not have to worry about going anywhere else and everything can be done from the comfort of your computer. This is very powerful stuff and is one of the main reasons why people love doing business on the Internet. It saves a lot of time from having to go to different places and you can get a lot more done a lot faster.