How to Start a Small Business Online

For many people, the idea to start a small business online is something that they have always dreamed about, and with the advent of the Internet and its importance in our lives, it has become a dream that can very easily be achieved!

If you like the idea of being your own boss and working from home or if you prefer the idea of simply making some extra cash here and there, it is definitely time for you to consider getting started.

When you are in a place where there are so many great options around you, it can be hard to pick just one, so take a moment and really consider how you can move ahead.

The first thing that you need to do is to start researching. They do say that knowledge is power, and it is true on the Internet as it is anywhere else.

If you want to create a business where you sell your own homemade art or clothing, you will need to head to sites like eBay and Etsy to see what sales are like and what kind of niche you might be interested in.

On the other hand, if you find that your skills have a lot more to do with sales and with the ability to talk to people, you will discover that a direct marketing job or a position with a multilevel marketing plan might be something that you prefer. What job is going to play to your strengths?

The second thing that you need to consider is how much time you can devote to your work. There are a lot of people out there who think that a good Internet business opportunity can simply run itself, and though this might be true somewhere down the line, it is not going to be true at the beginning.

The truth of the matter is that the more time that you can consistently put into your work, the better off your business is going to be. Whether you can devote six hours a week to your new business or you are in a place where you can work on it consistently, remember that being persistent is the key.

Also make sure that you know how much money you are willing to invest in your prospective business. When you are working on your own to bring your own product to the world, chances are good that you are going to need to make an investment in things like webspace, webhosting and advertisement.

When you are working with a company that offers you what is essentially a commission, remember that you should not be expected to invest anything but your time. Remember that pyramid scams are rampant and that you need to think about how you are going to get the results that you need.

Take a moment to think about how starting a small online business can change your life. It can offer you financial independence and a lot more time to do what you want. Consider how you want to work this sort of business into your life.

Energy Deregulation And The Opportunities It Presents

DEREGULATION happens when a monopoly is found in an industry that unfairly takes advantage of the consumer.

Years ago the airline industry deregulated and new air carriers over the years sprang up, creating competition, lower prices, better service and an investment opportunity. The same happened with the telecom industry; independent phone companies sprang up. Then the industry took a turn with cell phones and cell phone companies sprang up, lower prices, better products, more competition, and investment opportunities.

How many of us made money from our investments in the airlines or telecom industries? Just a few, if any, who might be reading this.

Once again deregulation has found it’s place in the Energy Industry–electricity and natural gas. All states are mandated by law to deregulate by 2015. And once again we are provided with the opportunity to take advantage of several opportunities:

select a company that offers competitive lower rates
lower rates that can be locked in for a period time allowing customer the chance to budget better
better customer service
no service interruption when signing up
the Opportunity to make money by sharing how to save money on utilities
These savings are shared with family and friends, local businesses, corporations, hospitals, churches and anyone else who wants to realize substantial savings. By sharing how to save money and signing others to the services the potential exists to supplement our income, replace our present income and/or create a retirement income like no other!

Why Establish Another Income?

The economy is at this time and in the foreseeable future–unstable. We learn every day that we can:

be laid off
experience being furloughed
experience downsizing
experience a change in the way our retirement benefits are given to us–if they will continue to be paid!
Your why would really be to maintain an income that is recession-proof, that will have no disruptions of income, that will continue to pay you whether you work or not. How about that? That’s called recurring or residual income. Working for the income once and receiving that income over and over and over. Actors earn residual income; book authors; song writers; and me too!

What? How can you do the same thing? Ok, let’s first take a look at products that generate a residual income.

health juices
magazine subscriptions
club memberships
gym memberships
book clubs
electricity and gas bills
These are products that people pay for monthly and are great products. But the only one that is recession-proof is the electricity and gas bills. Reps for these products are paid a commission as their customer pays their monthly bill. Now if say, John is laid-off and must limit his spending, the only bill he won’t cancel is his electricity and gas bill. With this opportunity you are paid as long as your customers pay their electricity and gas bills. What an opportunity!

Living in the Present – How to Release the Past

We teach what we most need to learn, and what we teach best, we end up learning well. This subject is not an exception. The present is the best place and time to live, whatever the circumstance, and I can tell you why: The most basic explanation I can give is that the past is spent, and the future is a promissory note. The most complex and interesting explanation I can give is as follows: About a day ago, I was complaining to my girlfriend Diane and my Mother about life, the past and the future both ways, good and bad of it all, and then partially through their prodding and through my own realization, I realized there is not any better time to do anything about anything than now. Also, I was watching the old “Mowtown 25″ special from the year 1983 on Public Broadcasting Station KOCE, Orange County, California on TV, and realizing that the past means nothing except for the dishonestly worked out psychological effects it has on unconscious people. Conscious people live in the present and make it always work for them honestly and then they have good pasts and future times from that present that they can make genuinely work for themselves.

Indeed, living in the concrete past or dreaming too much of the future without total “cold”, logical consideration and sober understanding of the present is a genuine weakness and should be shunned totally for the weakness it is.

On that note: Reality is what we genuinely and succinctly do with now, anyhow. It is said that consciousness is fully living in the present? That is the reality of the situation without question. Doing what we need and want to do (in that order) in the present is what we signed up for. Thus, we must live here and now to the best of our ability had we not? Yes.

Fear is living in the past and future that genuinely has not happened yet. Real courage is making the best of the now without guilt for the past, or trying to second guess the future. In short, make the now work for you and past memory and future reality will be made good and great.

What is important is that I know the present. The past and future are things I neither fear nor regret, bad or good, I have paid for it or have benefitted from it, and I move on with my life now. That is all. There are not any good or bad old days, or an unknown future. The now is just what we make out of it.